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[Will. I. Am]
It´s funny how a man only thinks about the *BEEP*
You got a real big heart, but I´m lookin´ at ya *BEEP*
You got a real big brains, but I´m lookin´ at ya *BEEP*
Girl it ain´t no pain, let me lookin´ at ya *BEEP*
[Pussycat Dolls]
I don´t give a *BEEP*
Keep lookin´ at my *BEEP*
`Cos it don´t mean a thing if you lookin´ at my *BEEP* (Hah)
I´m a do my thing, while you playin´ with ya *BEEP*

Every boys the same, since I´ve been in seventh grade
They been tryin´ to get with me, tryin´ to (hahaha hahaha)
They always got a plan, to be my one `n´ only man
Wanna hold me with their hands, wanna (hahaha hahaha)

I keep turnin´ them down, but they always come around
Askin´ me to go around, that´s not the way it´s goin´ down
`Cos they only want, only want, my (nahaha nahaha)
Only want what they want, but (nahaha nahaha)


Do you know that `no´ don´t mean `yes´, means `no´?
So just hold up, wait a minute; let me put my two cents in `n´ one!
Just be patient, don´t be rushin´ like ya anxioushin´, two
You´re just too aggressive, tryin´ to get your (Ahh)

Do you know, that I know?
`N´ I don´t, wanna go
Yeh they only want, only want, my (hahaha hahaha)
Only want what they want, but (nahaha nahaha)


Ooh, you got it bad, I can tell
You want it bad, but don´t yell
But what you got from me is somethin´ I, somethin´ I don´t need

[Chorus] x 2

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ta písnička je mega husta...

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